Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Welcome to the Faughan Valley Landscape Partnership blog

The Faughan Valley Landscape Partnership Scheme involves a working partnership between RAPID, Derry City Council and The Woodland Trust.

Within the Faughan Valley there are a variety of landscape patterns, creating a unique environment that represents a mosaic of habitat type and species diversity as well as archaeological and historical features. The River Faughan has been designated an Area of Sp...ecial Scientific Interest in 2008 and a Special Area for Conservation. Associated woodlands, Ervey, Ness and Bonds Glen are all Area of Special Scientific Interest ancient woodland sites and the Oaks and Killaloo Woodlands are designated Local Nature Reserves. With only 0.08% native ancient or long-established woodland remaining in Northern Ireland these areas form hugely important wildlife reservoirs.

The main objectives of the Faughan Valley LPS are to:

(i) Integrate conservation and restoration of priority habitats and species, built heritage features, ancient monuments and landscape features.

(ii) Ensure effective communication and involvement with land owners/managers, local communities and other user groups, in decision making and project delivery.

(iii) Encourage greater understanding and enjoyment of, and involvement in, the area’s natural, cultural and built heritage amongst local communities, visitors and currently under-represented groups.

(iv) Work in partnership with similar projects throughout the Derry area and aid the development of continuous habitat links and tourist routes across the region by providing a framework for managing the Faughan Valley at the landscape scale.

(v) Ensure the potential for skills development opportunities that respond to the needs of the landscape.

(vi) To take a holistic approach to landscape conservation by focusing on biodiversity, local economy, agriculture, eco-tourism, geo-diversity and local heritage.

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